I had so much fun setting up for, and taking this shoot. The Ryans are an amazing family, and cute I might add! They have four darling girls that are so adorable, and they all have personality. They are a musical family and I love to hear them sing. The piano in the set is just so their family, and I love it! Enjoy!
Samantha's glasses have a glare and I currently have no photo editing software so, I have the wonderful Bro. Jowers working on fixing it for me. He's amazing!


Eva Dearest

My friend Brittany from Nebraska was in town for a while and she came to visit me one day. She brought her little doll baby over and I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures.. ok a lot of pictures lol! You'll see why when you see her adorable face. She is the sweetest little girl you will ever meet, and her personality is to die for!



Hey blog peoples! It's been a loong while since I have posted, and I wonder if I have any followers still lol!

Recently I did a shoot of an absolutely adorable young boy named, Benji. He's my little brother and I'm a bit partial! I hope you enjoy the pictures. I love some of the shots I got! Comment and let me know if you liked them. Thanks!


Katelyn's Senior Pictures

I had the extreme privilege, to take my wonderful friend, Katelyn's senior pictures this past week. It was SO much fun walking all the trails at a local, scenic, park getting some amazing shots. She is SO beautiful and totally photogenic! I wish I could upload every single good picture we took, but, unfortunately that would be all of them pretty much lol! I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I thoroughly enjoyed taking them!
^ "The Look" ^